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Dr. Kaines was a recipient of a 2012 “Pink Rock” from the Women’s Resource Center for Outstanding Community Leadership in Fort Collins.

Born and raised in Fenton, Michigan, Dr. Kaines pursued a westward track before starting his practice in Fort Collins. While earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Kaines competed for the Badger’s top notch Division I cross country and track teams. With a zoology degree and All-American honors in the steeplechase, he moved to Minneapolis with his wife, Kirstin, to attend dental school at the University of Minnesota. Following graduation in 1997, Dr. Kaines completed a one year fellowship at U of MN before fulfilling a dream of moving to Colorado. Dr. Kaines enjoys challenging his professional growth with continuing education, and strives to keep abreast of updates in the field to best serve our patients. He believes in educating patients about treatment options to enable them to make informed dental decisions, then delivering quality, compassionate care.

When he’s not working, Dr. Kaines loves to explore the beauty of Colorado with his wife and four energetic children. Joel enjoys hiking, downhill skiing, snowshoeing and backpacking in the mountains. He is passionate about hockey and plays in an adult hockey league. To further maintain his fitness, Joel is an avid triathlete. And when his energy is sapped, he loves to relax with a good book.

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Joel R. Kaines, DDS – Fort Collins, CO Dentist

Dr. Kaines is an active member of the following Dental Associations:

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