Diagnodent® Laser Cavity Treatment

Diagnodent Cavity Detection
Diagnodent® is a safe, fluorescent laser that can aide in detecting early stages of tooth decay accurately, quickly, and painlessly.

We at Spring Creek Dental are advocates for healthy, natural teeth. Diagnodent® accurately exposes areas of tooth decay without probing or “opening up the tooth.” This helps our dentists to identify decay in its earliest stages, allowing for more minimally invasive treatment. Our dentists and hygienists also use another diagnostic tool called a “transilluminator.” The transilluminator is a small light that allows us to see both decay and cracks within your teeth. This tool is often used with cracked teeth to help our dentists determine how far into the tooth a crack extends.

How Can Diagnodent® Help Me?

Diagnodent® is a diagnostic tool that is over 90% accurate. At times, decay can be hidden due to re-strengthening (often from fluoride exposure) of the outer layer of the tooth. In other words, a person can have active decay in a tooth that looks and feels completely normal from the outside. X-rays are great diagnostic tools as well, but can often limit the visibility of decay until it is large. Because Diagnodent® exposes decay at an earlier stage, your dentist will be able to provide more minimally invasive treatment options.

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