Ceramic Crowns in Fort Collins, CO

Ceramic Crowns
At the Fort Collins office of Spring Creek Dental, Dr. Joel Kaines and Dr. Lindsey Cosper want the very best for you and your smile, including the highest quality crowns.

A crown (or cap) is a type of restoration that covers the entire surface of the tooth, to restore the function, contour, size and appearance of your natural tooth. We offer both ceramic crowns and porcelain crowns.

Porcelain can be used to obtain ideal, natural appearing esthetics while maintaining the necessary strength. There are several types of crowns, combining various materials, and Dr. Kaines and Dr. Cosper will help guide you on choosing the most esthetic option more your given situation without compromising the quality.

While ceramic/porcelain crowns are growing in popularity, gold or porcelain fused to metal crowns can still be indicated, and our doctors will help advise you when one of these options would be favorable given your circumstance. Like all dental restorations, nothing lasts forever, but Spring Creek Dental does everything possible to ensure you receive a quality restoration that will maximize its lifespan.

What Does Getting a Crown Involve?

A dental crown procedure usually requires two appointments. Your first appointment at Spring Creek Dental will include taking highly accurate molds (or impressions) that will be used to create your custom crown. A mold will also be used to create a temporary crown which will stay on your tooth for approximately two to three weeks until your new crown is fabricated by a dental laboratory.

While the tooth is numb, the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any decay and shaping the surface to properly create adequate space for your new crown. Once these details are accomplished, your temporary crown will be placed with temporary cement to allow you to maintain function during the interim period.

During the second appointment at Spring Creek Dental your temporary crown will be removed, the cement and tooth will be cleaned, and your new crown will be carefully evaluated and adjusted as necessary to ensure the contour, esthetics, fit and bite are accurate.

You will be given care instructions and encouraged to have regular dental visits to check your new crown.

Reasons for Crowns:

    • Fractured teeth or fillings
    • Teeth with large decay
    • To improve esthetics
    • Teeth with large cracks
    • Teeth with large fillings/minimal natural tooth
    • Teeth with root canals

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