Composite Fillings

The vast majority of fillings performed at Spring Creek Dental in Fort Collins are composite fillings. Dr. Kaines or Dr. Cosper might advise treatment with a composite, or tooth colored, filling for several reasons. You might have broken or cracked teeth, chipped or worn teeth, decayed teeth, or a desire to close a gap between two teeth. In the case of decay, your dentist will first remove the decay from the tooth, then place a composite filling.

Dentists utilize various materials to fill teeth, each with strengths and weaknesses. At Spring Creek Dental, your dentist will talk with you about the optimal material to use for your unique dental situation. Though silver amalgam fillings can be a good option at times, composite fillings can be color matched to surrounding teeth. For this reason, composites provide the best results for teeth in visible areas of the mouth.

Composite fillings, like most dental restorations, are not permanent. Though they will typically last many years, they may require replacement at some point. For most patients, composite fillings will provide a beautiful smile for years to come.

How are Composite Fillings Placed at Spring Creek Dental?

Composite fillings are typically completed in one appointment. Our dentists will remove decay while the tooth is numb. The space will then be meticulously cleaned and prepared before placing the new filling. If the decay is close to the tooth’s nerve, a protective medication will be applied. The composite filling will then be carefully placed, shaped, and polished to restore your tooth to its original shape and function.

Some patients experience sensitivity to hot and cold when their fillings are new. This typically diminishes as your tooth adjusts to the new composite filling. When your treatment is completed at Spring Creek Dental of Fort Collins, Dr. Kaines or Dr. Cosper will provide you with instructions for care. Your can extend the life of your new fillings with good oral hygiene practices, healthy eating and regular visits to your dentist.

Composite Fillings in Fort Collins

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