Composite Veneer

Single Tooth Composite Veneer

April 10, 2015 by SpringCreekDental - No Comments

This is what a Single Tooth Composite Veneer by Dr. Lindsey Cosper looks like. Notice a difference? These recent before and photos show how veneers can achieve a flawless and natural looking smile that you can be proud of.

Composite Veneers are typically used on the front teeth as a minimally invasive method to transform your smile. Like all dental restorations, composite veneers may someday need replacement. Through quality work and routine dental exams and cleanings, the Spring Creek Dental team does everything possible to ensure you maintain beautiful and durable veneers.

If you are considering veneers for cosmetic reasons (i.e., uneven teeth, chipped tooth, uneven shape, color alteration, etc.), please contact us to discuss. The process is done same day (one appointment) at Spring Creek Dental and our staff will provide you with home care instructions to help help ensure the success of your veneers.

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